WATCH: Solutions for a clogged drain


Most homeowners will experience a clogged drain. There's just no way around it. Some simple fixes could address the issue. Often a licensed plumber is needed for a permanent solution. Lance Smith, owner of L.D. Smith Plumbing, explained some of the reasons why drains get clogged during a recent visit to Life.Style.Live! He also detailed how plumbers attack the problem. Watch here.

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On the job: Rerouting a sewer line


There are many reasons rerouting a sewer line is needed: Consistent plumbing issues. Clogged drains due to obstruction such as tree roots. Construction on your property. The process doesn’t have to cause significant damage to your property. Lance, owner of L.D. Smith Plumbing, visits a job site to explain one option our team uses when rerouting a sewer line.

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Raw sewage coming from the drain? Time to call a plumber.

A homeowner in Broad Ripple called L.D. Smith Plumbing immediately when he started to experience clogged drains. Toilets stopped flushing and raw sewage was coming up floor drains. Our plumbers, with the help of a sewer camera, determined there was a main line/sewer blockage and there was not an outside clean out. The affected section of the line was repaired. No more plumbing issues for this homeowner!

These are common issues for older homes. L.D. Smith Plumbing has the latest equipment and technology to solve this problem for homeowners. Contact us here.